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Sure, there is the CAMRA Good Beer Guide to Germany, but it’s a few year’s old, and it’s not too handy when you’re visiting just one city. The Berlin information at ratebeer is helpful as well.

But for anyone reading Scandinavian, the new book just out by Danish beer writer Carsten Berthelsen is well worth the investment. A handy format that fits into your jacket pocket, well illustrated with both photos and maps, and with what looks to me like a good selection of pubs, bars and restaurants. 

All of my favourites among the brewpubs are included, and I generally share his views on the places we’ve both visited. The book is updated to include brewpubs I did not know of, like one in the spanking new Hauptbahnhof.

A potted history of beer and brewing in Berlin, too, perhaps with a bit more Ostalgie than to my liking, but that is not the main point.

The book recommends an excursion to Potsdam, and after reading the relevant chapter, I am convinced to make a day trip the next time I’m in the German capital.

The publisher of the book has a good web site, and you can browse through some of the pages online, a nifty feature.

Well worth 150 Danish kroner.

Pages from Berlin cover

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According to the newsletter from Oppigårds Bryggeri, next year is worth looking forwards to. Systembolaget will launch more beers from Swedish micros during spring and summer 2010 than they have ever done. They predict that 2010 will be the most interesting year for Swedish beers at Systembolaget ever. And that’s good news for those of us living an hour or two from the border as well!

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