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Two more trips this year.


And London.


I can live with that.

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Sometimes I really hope a place is better than its reputation on the major beer sites.

Especially when there is a chain of brew pubs established over several years, trying to create a British pub atmosphere in France. They have beer names with inventive puns, six house brews, and a fine web site documenting it all, giving details about the pubs, the beers, the food etc.

I even got a free line of samples of their beers.

I can live with large screens showing soccer. The place was packed, and the bar men were running as fast as they could with pitchers of beer. So it’s obviously a commercial success.

But when all their beers are balancing on a fine line between boring and outright bad, everything else does not matter, does it?

Beers should be brewed by brewers, not by men in suits.

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