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Sept 09 190

All smiles in Drammen

Well, not the participants, being the usual graying suspects, most of us. But the beers..

Some of us beer geeks were invited back to Haandbryggeriet in Drammen recently, as thye had a few new beers as well as some adjustements to old ones they wanted feedback on. We were probably a bit too polite the last time we were around, as we were explicitely asked to give critical remarks this time.

Well, for free beer, we’ll do just about everything.

The highlight?

Well, for me it was the disappointment from last year. The Aquavit Porter. This was a heavily oxidized beer, with the vineager overpowering everytung else. Now? A velvet porter with a nice lining of caraway seeds, with a little alcohol warming in the background. This is what they should serve as an aperitif when foreign dignitaries visit town. Maybe it could be a way to convince Obama that craft beer is the way to go?

But there are other fine beers coming as well. Some of them new, some of them adjusted.

A lovely refreshing beer is Wild Thing, brewed with redcurrants and lingonberries. Fine sourness which is not overpowering, lovely berry flavour.

Hesjeøl will be available in all Vinmonopolet shops, a Belgian style blond, brewed with the same yeast as the Blondie now to be found on tap in selected pubs.

A sligtly less sour version of the Haandbakk is also on the list.

Sept 09 191

Aquavit Porter

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