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We got up early on Saturday morning. Really early. The whole family stumbled out of the door at half past five in the morning, walking through the empty streets towards the airport express train.

Luckily both the boys slept on the plane, and finding our way through the RER and Metro system went very smoothly, meaning that we arrived at our hotel next to the Gare de Lyon before noon. Our room was not ready yet, but a few very inviting brasseries in front of the station promised lunch. I declined any stronger drink than coffee, as we had a full day ahead of us.

In a weak moment I had promised to look for a comic shop after visiting the Notre Dame. Google had informed me there was one in the Latin quarter, and half of the family sat down at a sidewalk cafe while we explored.

It turned out that the Rue de Dante did not have just one comic shop. There was a cluster of them. Some had American comics, some had Manga in Japanese, some had Manga in French. Some had Tintin. (How many times can they sell the Tintin albums? Seriously?) Some had hand painted miniatures of Tintin and his merry friends. Some had horror movies and related collectibles. But no Manga in English.

But then I spotted something else.

Sélection de vins propriétaires, said the sign. My French isn’t up to much, but my sixth sense told me there could be something more than wine on the premises. Yes, indeed.

On prominent display in the window of HD Vins were five bottles from the Alsace Brasserie Uberach. I walked in and politely asked for one of each.

For some reason, my backpack felt lighter on the way back to the hotel, despite sore feet and numerous questions for hailing a taxi instead of walking back.

The beers? Not extreme at all. 4.8%, according to the labels, though I suspect the Doigt de Dieu a bit stronger than declared. Honest, well crafted beers. Unpasteurized and retaining their freshness. Just what I needed when I kicked off my shoes and found a chair while the kids jumped into the hotel swimming pool.

The Manga? I promised to buy some on the web when we got home!

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If I have seemed a bit remote in the blogsphere lately, it’s been because I’ve been away.

To a city where most people said: Forget the beer, drink wine inestead.

Well. I tried the wine as well. But there’s lots of great beer if you go looking for it. Lots of crap beer, too. As everywhere.

Watch this space!

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