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Saffron beer

Sept 09 180I have some friends that go to Iran once in a while to visit family. I’ve even asked them to bring me some non-alcoholic beer, which they did. I’ve not blogged about this, but I can reveal that it is not a beverage that will take the world by storm. 

But the last time they went they brought me some saffron. Which got me thinking. Why isn’t there any beers using this aromatic spice? When I looked around, there is at least one. From Italy, of course.

Birra Amiata  has a saffron beer named Crocus. Which is where the saffron comes from, of course. It’s the from a crocus grown in the Mediterranean and eastwards. If I remember correctly, Marco Polo used it as payment when travelling.

Strong saffon aroma, with associations to fish soup and rice, of course, but that’s just how I’m trained to percieve it.

A full bodied golden ale is used as a base.

Does it work?


No, not really. The saffron flavour is too strong for the beer. It overwhelms everytung, leaving nothing but a warm spicy saffron flavour. Some apricots and clementines in the background. I think there is some ginger, too, but it might be the saffron having the same warming effect.

But kudo for trying this. I still think it’s a potential. But maybe a bit less spice and a stronger beer base. Possibly together with other spices.

Keep trying!

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