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A compensation for vertigo

We went to the Eiffel Tower. Of course.

But it’s not for me. I fell down a flight of stairs when i was two. And since then, I feel very uncomfortable about heights. Cliffs are OK. Planes, too. But not buildings and stairs.

So I left them in the queue and went off to look for something else to entertain me. What could that possibly be?

A bar. Or, rather, a brasserie. With a quartet of regulars propping up one end of the zinc bar. I settled at the other end. 

I assumed the menu would not offer much in the way of bottled beers, so I went for the beers on tap instead.

Kronenbourg and Grimbergen. Not the worst choice I’ve had. I ordered a Grimbergen wheat beer, as I had not tried that before. Edging in on the Hoegaarden market, I suppose.

Some bubble gum aroma. Quite full body for a wit. Cereals, soft fruit, a hint of lemon. Quite all right.

I had time for one more drink.I briefly toyed with the idea of a glass of Pastis. This being Paris and all. But I settled for the regular Grimbergen instead. Why doesn’t Carlsberg have beers like these on tap in Norway?

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