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Paris – Le Quincampe

If you are in Paris, there are good reasons that you might find yourself in rue Quincampoix. It is the street where you find the beer shop La Cave à Bulles, recently praised here on the blog.

I asked Simon if he could recommend some places to have a beer, both around town and in the neighbourhood, and he told me that a place for a nice meal with hand picked beers was Le Quincampe. This seems to function as a café in the daytime, too, so I doubt they will frown if you just order a  beer.

The food is French with a North African twist. I had some pastry with duck confit, spiced with cinnamon and sultanas. Not 100% there, perhaps, but there were other options on the menu which I’ll be happy to explore some other time.

The beer list is selected by Simon, who delivers beer to the restaurant. There are 6 artisan beers that all go well with food, and there are even tasting notes in English and French.

Sensible prices, at least for Paris.

There is a bar next door, too, but it was too packed for me to bother to squeeze in, especially as I had a backpack with a dozen beers.

Le Quincampe is at 78, rue Quincampoix.

The beer? Bell de Loing is, if I got this right, brewed by a brewery offering work training for people with mental problems. It is a tasty amber beer. A little yeasty palate, full malt. Orange, pepper and other spices. Well, the cinnamon was actually from the food, not the beer.  A good example of French artisan beer.

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