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Gloomy news from the British trade newspaper the Morning Advertiser – pubs are now closing at a rate of six per day.

Last year, 1,973 pubs shut — 40% up on 2007 levels.

Suburban pubs seem to be hit worse then others, but the figures are grim for rural and town centers as well.

Indutry voices consern that new legislation will cripple the pubs further, this includes  compulsory training , making the provision of 125ml wine glasses mandatory and introducing alcohol warnings at the point of sale.

I can see that expensive training courses can be of importence, but I hardly believe introducing new wine glasses will be decisive. I assume the breakage over time will lead to replacement of glasses anyway.

What I miss in this atmosphere of doom are the success stories.  You can complain about the government all you want, but that is hardly a strategy to survive, let alone succeed.

Tough times

Tough times

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