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A day out

I went skiing today. Actually the whole family went to the forest north of Oslo, only 10 kilometers from our house. It’s been snowing steadily for a few days, so the traffic was a bit chaotic, but once the car is parked, it’s wonderful.

The rest of the family go downhill, but I prefer the cross country variety. Just a few minutes away from the most busy slopes, you feel you have the whole forest to yourself. The snow makes sculptures of the threes and blankets any noise. Just a few birds foraging for food, maybe a track from a fox.

It was hard work, as I had partly to make my own tracks, but good exercise. The conditions should be perfect in a week or so. The others enjoyed their day as well. We stopped for a pizza on our way home, too tired to cook.

I forgot to bring my camera, so you’ll have to make do with an exhibit from a previous excursion. Now it’s time for a beer, I’m trying to make up my mind which one to pick. Something quite low in alcohol to consume in slightly larger quantities?

There is one thing that puzzles me, however. Who thought up the idea of this year’s slalom helmets? They look like a rerun of the siege of Stalingrad. Retro can be nice, but retro 1942? Particularly combined with a camouflage anorak, you are talking seriously bad taste!

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Another England

Unmitigated England is a blog with photos and comments from professional photographer Peter Ashley. Most of his photos are from rural England, showing the beauty of landscape and crumbling buildings. Not focused on pubs, but look at this lovely photo from the Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell! Seems like Stonch was off that day.

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