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Lots of Europeans, and indeed beer lovers from around the globe, have travelled to Copenhagen for the annual Danish beer festival in May. This year the festival is moved to September, but that does not mean you have to go thirsty.

I am sure there are CAMRA festivals to be found, but something that caught my attention was the announcement of the Kraft Bier Festival in Vienna. It takes place on 16 or 17 May on the premises of the Eipeltauer Brauerei, a micro that’s established after my last visit.

I cannot vouch for the range or the quality, but it is a welcome initiative, and if will hopefully be an inspiration for more innovative beers in a country where most brews are very traditional.

If you cannot make it to the festival, you can go whenever you want. Vienna has a dozen brewpubs with good food and good beer. Get a map and a 24 hour card for the metro and the trams.

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