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Gone for a rabbit

Thisislondon has a review of the Prince Arthur, somewhere in Eastern London I have hardly heard of. Fancyapint calles it the Hackney hinterland. (Sure, Stonch is probably familiar with the area!)

Their description of one of the items on the menu, with the picture on the right, made me considering two options:

Either seeking out the pub the next time I’m in London or trying to figure out a recipe for the rabbit loin and braised oxtail terrine. That’s what I call winter food!

Are the rest of the animals on the wall on the menu as well?

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Best day ever

Yesterday saw a new peak in traffic on the blog, 259 visitors. Loads of new posts obviously has an impact. This is from a Dublin pub – wish the beer was as splendid as the interior!

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There are all kinds of blogs, one is reprinting articles from Popular Science, Modern Mechanix and other vintage magazines. I have a feeling beer cans were sturdier in 1936, or maybe the women were lighter. It is an early example of product placement, too – look who supplied the photo.

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