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I’m not that fond of the Marston’s beer range, they are generally too much on the safe side for me. I have to commend them on their inventive use of the bottle cap to make a statement, though.

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Enough for a party

Some of us go for beer quality, though there may be one or two too many on occation. Others prefer quantity at any time, but there are government regulations making this awkward.

Two men from the central part of Norway (where I hail from as well) tried to cross the border from Sweden with 1828,5 litres of German beer. Unfortunately the car looked a wee heavy, so the customs officers decided to check it a bit closer.

The thirsty offenders were no teenagers, but were aged 35 and 40. One of them denied any knowledge of the beer in the back of the car. (Not too convincing, considering the fact that they must have driven at least a thousand kilometers with the beer!)

Based on earlier cases, the two men are facing 30-90 days in jail.

This story is from Adresseavisen.

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