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A very wet watering hole

One of the delights of summertime drinking in Oslo has been the old ferry Tjeldsundfergen, which was spending its retirement after active service in Northern Norway as a pub right in front of the city hall. The beer was cheap (for Norway), and there was a slightly rustic clientele, but that only added to the charm. The ferry has actually been there for 25 years, so it’s become quite an institution.

The bar had about a dozen German lagers available, five om them on tap. Some of the came from fairly obscure Bavarian brewers, and a number of friends and acquaintances from the Oslo beer community used to meet there on warm evenings.

The ferry was maintained by the Friends of Tjeldsundfergen club or organisation, with  more enthusiasm than money.

I write this in the past tense, not because of nostalgia for summers long gone, but because the ferry sank a few days ago. Not to the very bottom, but it is a sorry sight where it lies partly submerged.

No doubt there will be attempts to rescue it, and one press report predicted business as usual when the summer season arrives. The short message on their web site is much more gloomy: We did what we were able to.

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With HP sauce

I blog a bit about food here, but not much. If you want a blog about the basic stuff in life, the things you should line your stomach with before you go in search of a beer, eggsbaconchipsandbeans may be the place to look. Lovely photos of cafes (of the greasy spoon variety) and food. But what happened to the black pudding?

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