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True athletes

The Age newspaper, published in Melbourne, Australia, salutes the Russian biathlon world team, who know how to celebrate in style.

Oh, for the days when sportsmen and women celebrated triumphs in the proper way, rather than racing off for ice baths and sessions with an analyst. Demetri Iarochenko and Ekaterina Iourieva of Russia have just won the biathlon world team challenge at Gelsenkirchen in Germany, and somebody, most likely a sponsor, slipped them this huge glass of beer. What else for a couple of Russians competing and winning in Germany?


And they will need a beer in Melbourne, too. The weatherman says 30°C.

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No, not me. The cute one

My namesake in Berlin, Cute Knut, is to star in an animated Hollywood movie, according to Der Spiegel.

Media speculation that Knut may eventually eat (his keeper) Thomas Dörflein has so far proved unfounded.

Well, he will only do it once, won’t he? We may look cute and cuddly, but you don’t mess with a Knut!

Knut even has his own blog.

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