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I usually don’t post about music, though there will be a post about beer and music some time soon. The last time I wrote about Nick Lowe, over at the motime blog, I made that rather thin excuse that he once played in a “pub rock” band. But it’s my soap box, isn’t it?

Anyway, Nick played at Gamle Logen in Oslo last night, and it was a wonderful experience. He just walked on stage, picked up his acoustic guitar and began to sing. One man on the gallery mixing sound and light, that was all.

But this veteran rocker has a song catalogue that is enough to keep an audience under his spell for an hour and a half. And the beautiful venue, usually used for classical music, was perfect, with none of the chatter you get in the more standard rock clubs in Oslo.

The songs were partly from his current album, At My Age, as well as chestnuts from his long career. We got Cruel to Be KindI Knew The Bride and Peace Love and Understanding, sure, but for me the highlight was probably Seven Nights to Rock from the often overlooked Cowboy Outfit album.

Nick Lowe can carry a show like this on his own, and his voice is probably in better form than ever. But I’d love to see him back again with a band soon – some of the songs are begging for the rock ‘n’ roll treatment.

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