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If you find yourself in Milan with a few hours to spare, there are a few real beer finds that I will describe over the next days. Sure, there is art of every category, food, wine and fashion, but that is for others to cover.

Fifteen minutes walk from Milan Central Station, a granite building that bears the imprint of a not too democratic past, you find a tutta birra – a small shop where they have crammed in an amazing selection of beer and beer-related stuff. There are beer glasses and beer steind, some of them from breweries long gone. There is a splendid range of pewter mugs. There are trays, key rings and beer books, including quite a few in English.

And there is beer. A good selection of Itlaian micros, some splendid US beers, brews from every corner of the British isles. There are lagers from excotic countries, and a broad range of Belgians. Lots of German beers, too, including some from Bamberg. 

This must be one of the top ten beer shops in Europe!

The Italian micros are mostly in 75 cl bottles and are priced at €10-12, most imports are actually a fair bit cheaper.

I had a train to catch, so I did not have enough time to drool over the selection. But I – as usual – bought as mucha as I was able to carry. I will come back to describing some of those jewels as they are opened.

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Planning for Christmas?

I assume all of you already have bought The Longest Crawl by Ian Marchant and Three Sheets to the Wind by Pete Brown. If not, they are on sale at play.com for £ 5 each.

Great stocking fillers for Christmas, too, and they are easier to mail and can even be brought in your hand luggage on a plane.

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