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Look at the number of new beers in Denmark over the years:

  • 1999:      17
  • 2000:      15
  • 2001:      21
  • 2002:      30
  • 2003:      54
  • 2004:      82
  • 2005:    234
  • 2006:    506
  • 2007:    556
  • 2008:    647

According to Peter Myrup Olesen, who has compiled the numbers, the rise is not likely to continue, so 2008 is probably the top.

If your read Danish, he has just started a blog that has ambitions to be truly comprehensive when covering the Danish beer scene. Try Babelfish if you are really curious!

One of the things I love about the online beer community is that many have found their own niches. Sure, we want informed writings about particular beers or pubs and rants about taxes and the stupidity of the big players in the business. But we are also lucky to have people willing to devote their time to document, either the present or, as in blogs like Ron’s and the Zythophile’s, the past.

Cheers to those who actually do some work here, while some of us is only in it for, well, the beer!

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