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All aboard!

The Golden Lion Inn, Llangynhafal

The Golden Lion Inn, Llangynhafal

Six pubs in Denbighshire, Wales, organized a joint beer festival last weekend and, as they are spread along the vale of Clwyd , they wereoffering a bus service between the pubs. An all day bus ticket cost the same as a pint of beer.

Cunningly, there was a list of the beers on offer during the festival, but they did not tell you which beers  to be found in each pub.

A good concept, and I presume a good way of checking out if they’ve had one pint too many is to ask them to pronounce Llangynhafal.

This story is nicked from the BBC. The photo is nicked from the web site of the pub.

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Supermarkets and off-licences are to be banned from selling alcohol 24-hours a day, reports the Sunday Mirror, which is again quoted in the Morning Advertiser.

The paper says that the review of the Licensing Act will continue to allow 24-hour opening for pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The Mirror claims that senior Number 10 sources have revealed that it will impose new restrictions on the off-trade.

Apparently, Culture Secretary James Purnell will tell councils to only allow supermarkets to sell alcohol after 11pm if they have “an extremely good case”.

It is believed exceptions would be made for supermarkets in tourist spots, railway stations and airports.

Well, if you ask me, I would say that if you want to control exessive drinking, agressive behaviour and other similar aspects of Western civilization, making exceptions for outlets in railway stations would be the last thing to do….

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