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I have to admit I do not follow all the dozens of Swedish beer blogs. But with twitter et al, I have a general overview. When I read that there was a founding meeting of the Swedish Beer Writers, I send off an e-mail asking if they accepted Norwegian members.

I have for several decades been  trying to do my bit for Nordic integration. Sure, I believe we all have to do our contribution to the European cause, but we have a tiny Northeastern corner of this continent where we share a common language (closer than English and Scottish, if you ask me. Closer than standard German, Italian or Spanish if you look at the varieties of the languages.) I feel offended when I turn up in a Danish or Swedish hotel lobby, ask for my room in standardized Norwegian and get a reply in English.

But for once, I have no reason to rant. Quite the opposite. It is another proof that the international beer community is about inclusion, not exclusion.

Because the first reply I got was Hang on, we’ll get back to you.

The next response was Do you think there are more Norwegian beer writers who you’d conceive as members.

My replywas yes, there are quite a few, ranging from beer bloggers to authors of beer books.

The final reply came today.

They changed the name.

To the Scandinavian Beer Writers’ Association.

Pelle Stridth is the first chairman.

Count me in!

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