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Perceptions of Norwegians vol IV

The Washington Post has a recipe they claim is Norwegian, Bacon-Wrapped Broiled Salmon.

Cookbook author James Villas notes that this dish is popular in Norway, made with a leaner Danish back bacon. But he recommends a streakier bacon to baste the fish while it’s under the broiler. Norwegians often accompany bacon-wrapped salmon with dilled lentils or boiled parsleyed potatoes.

This is pure fiction. It looks very good, sure,  but it is not a common dish here. And if you want Danish bacon in Norway, you have to go to Denmark to get it, as there are prohibitive tariffs on meat.

I’d be very surprised to be served lentils, with or without dill, with fish in Norway. Boiled potatoes, yes, lentils, no.

I assume Mr. Villas has been served a dish like this one in a Norwegian restaurant. Once. But, as we say in Norway, one swallow does not make a summer!

On the other hand, I have to give credit to the fish/beer pairing, which you rarely find in cookery columns. And I will probably try the recipe the next time I cook salmon. So it may become  popular, in due time!

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