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The last American

Double Dead Guy Ale

Double Dead Guy Ale

The beer shelf in my cellar is getting empty and is in danger of being filled up with ski wax and guinea pig food. Sure, there are a few lagers from the Balkans and other odds and ends, but I am getting low on serious beers.

The Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale is the last of the bottles I dragged home from New York. It is bought at New Beer Distributors or Whole Foods, I think – or it could be from the deli at the corner.

Anyway. Fine carbonation, fine head. Rather malty and sweet aroma. Some hint of forest and wild mushrooms. A little balsamico, perhaps. Nothng strikes out, so let’s hope there is more when I sip.

Sweet malt, but with a fresh resin backbone. Sweetness and oaky dryness play with each other, challenging rather than going for low key harmony. The oakiness is similar to tannin-rich red wines. At the same time you have old fashioned boiled sweets. The finish is the same, the sweet cereals and malt is almost like a bowl of breakfast whole grain flakes, but then the dry wood demands attention and sort of distort the idyllic sweetness.

Free range coastal waters, the label says, but it is not very salty.

Oaky was not the ultimate word for the feeling on the tongue. Their web site says tea, and the pieces click into place. It is the beer equivalent of an English breakfast, including both the strong black tea and the cornflakes. No black pudding, though, this is the more Southern variety.

A lovely beer. I’d buy it regularly if it was available. As you see, it goes well with the furniture, too. Every home should have one!

And maybe, just maybe, there is hope. Rogue is planning to get into the Norwegian market. We will see. Maybe it’s not the last American, but one of the first.

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A big American

I had some mates over for a beer tasting last night, and we got through a fair number of bottles. They ranged from the so-so to outstanding, one new discovery for me was the Orkney Dark Island Reserve, aged in oak casks, which I served with some haggis brought back from Scotland.

Quite a few excellent US beers as well, and there were a (disappointingly) few leftovers, one of them was this amazing beer – The Ten Thousand Brew Ale from Rogue. This one has it all – a full malty base combined with generous amounts of grassy hoppiness. It is actually batch number 10.000 from this brewery, so they are coming of age.

The brewery describes it this way:

Big, earthy malt flavor balanced by lingering hoppiness, with hints of citrus. 7 Ingredients: Vienna, French Special Aroma and Maris Otter pale ale malts; Yakima Summit and German Saphir hops; the top-fermenting Pacman yeast; and as always free range coastal waters.

Coastal waters? Lovely beer anyway, a pity there was only one small glass of it left in the bottle. The Rogue beers have some scattered distribuion in Europe, and I’ll try to seek out more of them.

And if I had space, I’d keep the bottle!

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