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Most of my readers are not remotely near Oslo, and my readers in Oslo are most likely on their way to a screening of Beer Wars. (No, I’m at home following up on the homework of the kds after a week in London!)

But anyway. Oslo Mikrobryggeri, the only brew pub in town, has their strong Christmas Brew on tap while stocks last. They also have their Julepils, a wonderful hoppy Bohemian pils on. Try both!

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I don’t often sing the praises of the only brewpub in town, it has had its ups and downs.

But they have two new beers on, both very drinkable. One is a Märzen, quite true to style, the other is their 20th anniversary beer, an American Pale Ale.

My tasting notes: Hazy golden beer. Lovely flowery aroma. Flowers, dust, fruit. Light, easy drinking. Crisp finish. A welcome addition to their range.

You should probably hurry up, as I predict that these will be replaced by their Christmas beers soon…

Happy anniversary, OMB!

Sept 09 188

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Oslo Mikrobryggeri is the only brew pub in town, so it is on every beer travellers list. It’s been around for a while, and I would think all investments are written off now – the place has not changed for decades. The guests seem to be locals, there aren’t that many pubs in the area, really.

What do you get? A range of house beers on keg, depending on the season. Usually there is a pils, a bitter, a stout, a steamer, a porter and an amber plus a seasonal, this summer a weissen.

The beers have been quite boring, but there is a new brewer, and on my last visit the beers were in top form. Sampler glasses available for tickers.

And there’s a tram stop just outside the door. Or you can walk down to our next destination.

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