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Of course beer festivals are about beer. But they are also very social events, and they are very pleasant opportunities to catch up with people you seldom meet outside of cyberspace. A very friendly and generous bunch.

Two years ago there were lots of bloggers present, this year I think the Beer Nut and I were the only English language bloggers present. There were probably Swedish bloggers around, but I don’t know them by sight. Perhaps a blogger meetup is something to consider next year.

Then there are , of course, the brewers. James from BrewDog was there with a merry crew, and they seemed to do a brisk trade. No special beers for the festival, but I think this was the Danish launch of both the Penguin and the Bismarck. Here the roles were reversed, as I was the one being interviewed for their video blog.

There are probably some photos of me with the BrewDog crew taken at the Mikkeller bar as well. I’ll get back to that.

The importers of Brooklyn beer had Garrett Oliver, no less, manning their stand, where he happily dispensed samples of some of their more innovative beers. No time for any long conversation, of course, but at least I could give my appreciation for him mingling with us mortals.

Another legend was als there, Anders Kissmeyer of Nørrebro Bryghus. As was reported recently, he has been forced to step down as manager of the brewery. They have been sensible enough to keep him as an adviser and ambassador of the brewery, and it was nice to be able to pay tribute to one of the founders of the Scandinavian craft beer movement.

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According to beerticker.dk, who also quotes various Danish media, one of the pioneers behind the Danish craft beer movement, Anders Kissmeyer, has been fired by the owners of Nørrebro Bryghus.

Despite a wide range of inventive beers, collaborations with brewers around the world and a high media profile, the brewery has been losing money at an alarming rate. Both in 2007 and 2008 the deficit was about one million Euros.

Kissmeyer, who founded the brewery in 2000, will still be used as a consultant by the company, but the details of his future status do not seem to be finalized.  

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I’ve blogged about Nørrebro Bryghus a number of times. I have visited their brewpub/restaurant, I have spent some time at their bar at Kastrup Airport – sadly closed down – and I have had the pleasure of trying a number of their beers at the festivals in Copenhagen. I have also noted, with more than a fair share of jealousy, their current range of barrel aged beers only available in Denmark.

One more reason to visit them is their Nordic gastronomy evening running through 2010. It seems like Wednesday is the slowest day at the restaurant, at selected dates you get a four course seasonal meal with five beers. In addition there is a bottle of beer to take home. All for 400 Danish Kroner.

Wednesday 10 February

Wednesday 3 March

Wednesday 14 April

Wednesday 19 May
Wednesday 16 June
Wednesday 14 July

Wednesday 8 September

Wednesday 6 October

Wednesday 3 November

Wednesday 1 December

Booking essential.

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One of the first micros I wrote about when I started beer blogging was Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen. They have expanded step by step with a brewery outside town taking care of the bottled beers, and quite a few of their beers are widely distributed in Denmark and beyond. While their regular list of beers might not have quite the wow factor it had five years ago, they have a staggering number of inventive beers at festivals, and there are lots of events at the brewery pairing beer and food, meetings with guest brewers etc which I’d love to attend.

While their ad for a new accountant is not the most exciting news in itself, it also sheds some light on their plans. They are currently running Fanø Bryghus, and they state that they are looking into establishing more brewery restaurants in Denmark and abroad.

For anyone in Scandinavia considering setting up a brewpub, a cooperation with Nørrbro should be seriously considered. Their experience both form the brewing end and the business end of things could come in very useful.

Thanks for beerticker.dk for pointing to the ad. He also mentionsthat Nørrebro Bryghus have planned for some time to open an establishment in Århus.

A pity that their bar at Kastrup airport closed down – a very welcome contrast to an ocean of Carlsberg.


Nørrebro festival offers

Nørrebro festival offers

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The others drop off their Ølbutikken purchases at their hotel while I enjoy my coffee, and then we set out for the Central station again. The train arrives right away, and it’s only 8 minutes to our destination. There is a huge sign outside the venue, but all others passengers are going there anyway, so we just follow the crowd, including taking a short cut across a four lane road.

We are just in time for the opening at noon. I’ve been promised a place on the VIP list, so I go for the special entrance. I am not on the list, but I get a free entry anyway. Sampler glass, festival booklet, 20 beer tokens and I’m ready to start sampling.

Arriving at opening time means you get a feeling of the layout of the place. This is obviously a venue used to arrange fairs, sports events etc, meaning that for example toilet facilites are more advanced than last year’s festival.

It is more compact than last year, but there certainly is enough beer to go around.

I head for a familiar logo – Nørrebro Bryghus has a very long list of beers, just like the last festival. They are struggling economically, with a large deficit last year, but the shareholders have refilled the coffers so they are hopefully with us for a long time to come. Nørrebro started out as a brewpub/restaurant centrally located in Copenhagen, thay have later added a bottling plant. They used to have a bar at Copenhagen Airport as well – a welcome contrast to all the Carlsberg lagers, but there are no signs of that any more.

I try a Spring Saison, very true to type. Fruit, barnyard and citrus, a refreshing beer well sutied to kick off the festival. Their Globe Ale is bottled, with claims of being CO2 neutral. That might be, but it is a sweetish beer without much of a character. Far better then their Saison/Vermouth/Lambic blend, wonderfully balanced beer. Fruity, spicy, fresh lemon tang, bordering on vinegar without falling into it.

The best Nørrebro beer of the day is Seven, a collaboration of seven Danish brewers, all contributing to the recipe. It is an imperial stout. Coffee aroma, not overpowering. Salt, liquorice. some sourness in the finish. A bit vinous, but very drinkable. There was a barrel aged version of this presented later on, but I missed that. Never mind, the standard was just fine.

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