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If you are under the impression that I buy a lot of beer, you are seriously mistaken. This guy, however, has done some serious shopping.

I was told an anecdote on one of my visits to Øbutikken about a Swiss customer who got up at 2 in the morning, drove all the way to copenhagen and filled up his care with more or less the whole inventory. His total bill was even higher. But 6780 Danish kroner is real money. Almost 600 Euros.

Thanks to beerticker.dk for the tip.

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Mikkeller glasses


Still a few odds and ends from my Copenhagen weekend.

I did not spend every waking moment at the beer festival – they did, after all, have limited opening hours. The other main event of the week was, of course, the opening of the new Mikkeller bar on Vesterbro.

The location is fairly central, about ten minutes from Tivoli or the Central Station. We’re talking about the back of the central station here, what used to be a fairly seedy area but now seems rather gentrified.

It’s a small place, so I assume you have to turn up early. It was, obviously, packed the Saturday evening when we were there, a quiet weekday afternoon is probably the time to go. Well, that applies to most bars around the globe, doesn’t it?.

So. Parts of the Norwegian delegation managed to find a vacant table, squeezed in between a table of pretty ladies on one side and three guys from BrewDog on the other.

15 beers on tap. A house pils and weissbier, an ever rotating list of Mikkeller beers, a cross section of breweries Mikkeller collaborates with from around the globe. Even three lambics on tap.

I tried a crisp and dry Vesterbro Pilsner. Fantastic, refreshing beer. The Mikkeller Sour Wine was probably a one off, strong, sour beer with no carbonation. Lots of sweetness, too, a puzzling beverage.

A Mikkeller/Amager colloboration next – Hr. Fredriksen Wæsel, which I believe is a blend, probably a one off. Coffee, smoke and liquorice, chocolate and cream, long smokey finish. A Girardin Junge Lambic was just the thing to clean the palate.

A long list of bottled beers, too, but I never got to look at that. But what I got was a glass of Speedway Stout kindly shared by James from BrewDog.

The Mikkeller web site promises cheese and other snacks, too. But that must be for more quiet evenings.

It’s a must stop in Copenhagen. Don’t hesitate if you are in town! Heck, it is a reason to visit in itself.

Thanks to Bjørn for helping out with photos!

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Mikkeller door

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What do you do when you run a beer shop when ther’s a beer festival in town? Have an exclusive beer on tap for a few hours to get the tickers into your shop, of course.

So, that’s what Ølbutikken did.

As it’s run by the brother of Mikkel of Mikkeller fame, it was hardly surprising that it was a Mikkeller beer.  The Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch One-for-One Calvados Barrel Aged with Cherries. No less.

A merry crowd has turned up at ten on Saturday morning, the location being very convenient for those of us that stayed at the Sct Thomas Hotel just around the corner.

The beer? A lovely imperial stout from Mikkeller, strong Calvados aroma, a wee bit on the heavy side for the time of day. On the other hand it was warming on a chilly day. As for the cehrries, they gave a hint of fruit and sweetness, but they had some problems to cope with the rest of the mix.

And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad so I had one more for dessert

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I should have know. Really.

That there would be beer events in the days leading up to the beer festival. But there are minor disturbances. Like a day job, family, plane tickets that have to be booked long in advance.

So I am stuck in Oslo while they open the Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen tonight.

This is what they published on Facebook yesterday:

17:00 Bar opens!! There will be free samples of our two new house beers: Vesterbro Pilsner and Vesterbro Wit. We have two entrances at the bar. You get in at one of them, pass the bar and get your beer and go out of the other one. We have to do it this way to make sure everyone gets their beer. As we want this to run smotthly we do not sell beer at this stage of the event.

18:00 (or 18:30 depending on how many people we have to serve): First lineup of beers on the 15 taps. There will be a lot of world premieres from Mikkeller and other breweries to buy samples of! During the next many hours new beers will be added regularly when kegs are emptied.

24:00: Doors are closed. And we are tired 🙂 But we will open the bar the next day, Thursday, at 14:00 and will also be at the Festival at Tap 1 with 22 beers on tap!

New Mikkeller beers, exclusive stuff from Nøgne Ø. Lambic on tap. Even Dark Lord. Yes, I said Dark Lord.

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It is very encouraging to see that the same spirit of cooperation and community I have observed amoung the beer geeks also to a large extent applies to the craft brewers. I don’t follow the North American scene enough to give any intelligent observations, but here in Northern Europe there are new projects all the time.

The best example of this is probably Mikkeller. Mikkel does not have a brewery of his own, so he is totally dependent of finding like-minded breweries where he can brew his beers. Hitting the market right now are variations of the Beer Geek beers aged in Islay and Bourbon barrels. These have been brewed at Nøgne Ø in Norway, while I believe BrewDog have helped them find whisky barrels for the purpose.

Mikkel has also brewed quite a few beers at De Molen in the Netherlands. Menno from De Molen, on the other hand, has visited Haandbryggeriet in Norway, and the first collaboration brew is called Menno and Jens. It was pre-released on cask at Håndverkerstuene in Oslo last week.

This is a historical recreation of beers before hops were widespread, using various herbs instead. An interesting experiment, which I encourage you to try when it turns up in bottes – but on the other hand I think I prefer hoppy beers..

Haandbryggeriet has an impressive list of beers being launched this winter and spring including a Smoked beer, a crowberry beer and two beers brewed on lingonberries and currants fermented with lambic and wild yeasts. And they have started importing rare stuff, too – we can look forward to more De Molen beers, for example.

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Just now my shelves are filled with the new offerings from Nøgne ø, so it is perhaps lucky that I don’t have access to the most interesting brews from Denmark. (But if any readers are curious about what to buy me for Christmas, please read on..)

Last month saw the release of a range of bottles of barrel aged beers from Nørrebro Bryghus, limited to 250 liters of each beer. Right now Ølbutikken informs me about the new beers from Mikkeller.

There is a Christmas beer, what Mikkel calls a hybrid between a Red Ale and a Wit Bier, with lots of American hops and bitter tropical orange peel. It is issued in 1,5 liter bottles and named Red White Christmas.

Their “ordinary” Christmas beer is named Mikkeller Til Via Fra, and all the vintages from 2006 are also for sale.

What else?

Mikkeller 黑 (Peated)

Mikkeller/Nøgne Ø Tyttebær – with lingonberries and brettanomyces

Mikkeller/De Molen Mikkel & Menno Weizenbock

Presumably they have the Islay Cask Beer Geek Brunch as well….

What’s next?

According to the Mikkeller blog, there will be a collaboration between Mikkeller and the Craft brewery in Athens, Greece. But that’s still in the planning stage.

Photo courtesy of Alex at www.beer.gr

Danish and Greek brewers

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