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Beer in the Louvre

Sept 09 072I tried hard. Looking for traces of beer among the masterpieces of the Louvre. I did not have any explicit instructions from Alan as I had when visiting the Museum of London, but nevertheless..

There were lots of wine in the paintings, the one of the right is a detail from the Wedding at Cana in the same room as the Mona Lisa. It’s a painting by Paolo Veronese from the 16 century, nicked by Napoleon, no less.

I have to admit I did not go to the floor where they have the old German and Dutch paintings. More luck in finding grain beverages there, I assume.

But I found the beer later. In the Egyptian chamber. From the court of the pharaoh Tepemânkh, or rather from his burial chamber. They have dechiphered his menu, and there were actually some grains among the treasures so he could start brewing when arriving in the next world.

Necropolis Pale Ale?

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