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The London Transport Museum has recently opened after being closed for refurbishment for some time. The reviews, as far as I have seen them, have been good, maybe I’ll find time to pop in next week.

But in this day and age the virtual museum can be just as important. One outstanding feature of London Transport/TfL has been the use of various art forms in the ads for their services. Many vintage posters have been available for sale as reproductions and postcards, now much of this collection is available to watch online.

There are lots of stylish between-the-wars restaurant scenes, but not much dedicated to beer drinking and pubs. (You might remember they axed an ad for the GBBF last year!). I managed to find a few posters with a beer reference. This one is not made to promote beer or pub culture, but for the Royal Academy. But at least it has a nice pub scene!

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