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The arrival hall of any airport is not the place where you’d choose to spend time. You’d be there waiting to pick up friends or relatives, hanging around waiting for delayed luggage, that sort of thing.

There is one airport where your waiting time can be turned into quality time – Kastrup in Copenhagen.

Nørrebro Bryghus has opened a bar with four of their beers on tap plus another five in bottles. The draft beers can be had in small glasses, allowing you a few samples at relatively low cost, while the bottles are a bit pricey. Adjusting to the market, the draft beers are not from the extreme end of the Nørrebro range.

Coffee and Danish sausages, too.

Sure, you can dream of more, but show me an airport in Europe with something better! Ask for their Skärgaards Porter, brewed in cooperation with the Swedish Nyneshamn micro. Lovely.

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