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Just a few minutes’ walk from BQ is an older establishment, but run by the same people. The Enoteca Decanter is, as the name says, a wine bar, but they have a very impressive beer list as well. They even have a cheese plate made for beer tastings, so I had to order one.

Their beer list was not updated, but they had a number of beers on display. The Almond 22 Blanche de Valerie is listed as a wit on ratebeer, I don’t know about that. I found it more similar to a lager, but with extra bitterness and nuts, perhaps brewed with almonds. The cheese plate came with crusty bread, and the ripe gorgonzola was my favourite.

This was a very relaxing place, with jazz over the loudspeakers and small tables with friends conversing. As the quiet atmosphere made me sit back and relax, I felt that a long day was taking its toll, and there were beers to be had next day as well. I decided to buy a few takeout bottles and make my way back to the hotel.

Definitely a place to come back to – and a place where you could bring wine drinking friends as well…

The Enoteca Decanter cheese plate

The Enoteca Decanter cheese plate

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