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From the Washington Post

Hoping to avoid the sniffers and spitters of the wine-tasting rooms, we have instead trekked to Napa seeking great American . . . beer. Oh, go ahead, make your jokes, roll your eyes. Napa for beer? What’s next, a trip to Wisconsin dairyland to find great hummus?

Well, surprise, surprise: Turns out if you want great beers, the towns plopped deep in California wine country offer some of the best craft brews being made in America today. In fact, the area has a craft-beer pedigree like no other.

This is true for parts of Italy, too, seems to me that wine making can give the right inspiration for craft brewing. The Panil brewery outside Parma has a wineyard as well, and it makes good sens to offer both if you sell your bottles directly to the public. And a market that is willing to pay premium prices for good wines will probably be willing to fork out some more for craft beer.

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