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Byens Kro. The Inn of the Town. Copenhagen.

I have known about this pub for some time, as the Svaneke brewery used to brew a special beer for them. As I had business in the neighbourhood, I decided to visit, but it is not far from the main tourist drag anyway.

It is like entering a time warp. Not back to the Middle Ages or anything, but at least two or three decades. Worn wooden floors, walls, tables  and benches. Probably as authentic as it gets if you still want a decent beer selection.

10 beers on tap. Some Germans and Belgians, Mikkeller and Hancock being the Danish stars.

Students sovving philosophical problems over Chimays and German wheat beers. Regulars propping up the bar. The staff seems slightly bewildered about what beers they actually have on.

But the authenticity is has a dimension beyond the drinkers and the dark walls. It’s the smoke. Even in the early afternoon the room is filled with tobacco fumes, I can only imagine how it is when you approach midnight. It is one of the last sanctuaries for smokers, even in liberal Denmark.

I found my eyes reacting after half an hour. Some years ago, I would not have given it a thought.

Cheery atmosphere, I am sure this is a place for long evenings and swapping tall tales among the half liter glasses.  And for those of you who are nostalgic about the good old days when you could smoke in pubs, you should visit while you can!


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