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The Guardian worries about the future of Borough Market:

The hoardings went up around the old market hall two weeks ago. After years of discussions and delays the railway bridge is finally being built at Borough Market, but when it is finished no one is quite sure what will have survived. Rumours are swirling around like confetti. Will the original stallholders leave, driven away by high rents? Will Borough have been gentrified out of recognition?

I have praised this foodie attraction, which appeals to Londoners and visitors alike, several times. It includes the Utobeer stall as well as several boozers, including the Market Porter and The Rake.

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Thisislondon/ The Evening Standard have been at The Rake, Borough Market:

The range on tap changes very frequently – so it’s pointless listing any here as the likelihood is it will have changed by the time you read this – but rest assured, if you like beer, you’ll find something you’ll like.

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Beer travel: Utobeer, London

Borough Market, underneath the railway arches of London Bridge, is a must visit if you are in London on a Friday or Saturday. There is am amazing range of things to stuff in your mouth, with an emphasis on British small scale producers. Fruit and vegetables, spices, olils and vinegars, bread, pastries and cookies, game and sausages, cheese, wine, whatever you fancy. Most of it is free range, organic and all that, too. There are also stalls for hot food and some rickety chairs and tables if you want to sit down and have a coffee. There are even two or three very good pubs there, which I have written about before and I’ll surely come back to.

But I digress. Even without all the garlic olives, stilton pies and sizzling sausages, it is a must destination for a beer lover. It is also the home for Utobeer, a market stall that sells nothing but beer and cider. You’ll find the best range in town, and you could browse here for hours. Lots of interesting Beligan beers, a very decent range of American brews, plus bottles from all corners of Britain, including Brew Dog beers. I was there with my family, som I only had a few minutes, picking up some elusive US beers. But I’ll be back with more time on my hands!

One note: Their web site does not seem to have the highest priority, so go there and look for yourself or call them beforehand if you are looking for anything in particular.

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