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Last week I was at a low. No photos were coming in, I really doubted if I was able to follow the schedule. Now the dropbox icon on my computer is living its own life, telling me about documents popping in.

And then there are all the great beer people getting back to me, explaining why they are busy. Most do brewing as a second job. One of the brewers is having a full-time job, running for mayor in her municipality and still finds time to brew and distribute beer. She sends e-mails at five in the morning. One is a sheep farmer, and explained that he had to get through the lambing first. Those who have hotels, catering or restaurants have one of their busiest seasons during May and June.

So my next challenge is to process all the material, to get back to those who have given their input and make sure I got things right.

But the second half of this week, I’ll be doing something completely different.

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A guy I know has been declared a professional beer nerd. Cheers, John, and I guess we’ll be in closer touch when you trade EU and EFTA places with Iceland in the near future!

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Off to Brussels….

… on the first flight in the morning. It is a business trip, but I hope to consume a few beers and bring some home, too. No live blogging, but I’m back on Friday. Click through the blog roll here while you are waiting, there is a great range of beer blogs out there now.

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