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The Beatles and beer

There have been the occational discussion about the Beatles and their relation to beer in the blogsphere, but with rather meagre results. I’ll come back to this when I’ve finished the first volume of Mark Lewisohns comprehensive biography, where I belive there will be information about Liverpool beer and pubs.

Meanwhile, here is a photo from Sir Paul’s web site, one of many Linda McCarney photos featured in a new exhibition opening in France in February.

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Beatles and beer

I find it hard to find cross references between my two long running passions – beer and the Beatles. Sure, I can always pour a glass and then sit down to Sgt Pepper, but that’s about it. No mention of beer in their lyrics, there are few reports of any of Paul popping into his local and Ringo has been off the booze for decades.

But there is an option right now, although for someone with a more generous allowance than me.

A crystal tankard, engraved with the logo of the disastrous Give My Regards to Broad Street movie and with replicas of the signatures of Paul and Linda. There is even a gift tag saying Many thanks from Paul.

And yes, the tankard comes in its original box. All yours for £304.50, postage not included. I think I have other things to spend three hundred pounds on. The vinyl reissues…..

McCartney tankard

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