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Just to let you know that the latest issue of All About Beer Magazine has a special supplement – Beer Traveler. Focus is on the US, but there are articles about Germany and Belgium, too. A list of 150 Perfect Places to have a beer will surely lead to discussions. Nice to see Olympen in Oslo at number 98, but I would probably have skipped the visitor’s centres of Heineken and Guinness.

Btw, the magazine itself is recommended, I don’t know of any other beer periodicals with such a consistently high quality currently available.

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All About Beer

I plan some posts on printed material about beer in the days to come. There is still some good stuff out there, even if much beer journalism has moved online.

I have had a subscription to All About Beer magazine for some months, and the September issue appeared in my mailbox the other day. I am impressed by their broad coverage, especially about developments in countries beyond Germany, Belgium, the UK and the US.

Last issue had a very interesting article on the Italian beer scene, the current one has interviews with some of my fellow ratebeerians, Roger Protz writing on Australian craft beer and much more. Lots of ads for beers unavailable around here..

The postage rate for Europe is a bit high, but I encourage you to try it out, we need it even more since the British Beers of the World has ceased publication.

Some of their archive material is available on their web site if you want a flavour of their writing.

They are generously giving 25% discount on subscriptions to readers of my blog, get in touch with Patrick Morrison (details at their web site) and tell him I sent you!

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