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Beer festival not welcome

The Beer and Food festival in Oslo last summer had a broad range of beers, and while the weather gods were extremely uncooperative, the arrangers have had the ambition of making this a yearly event. The culture committee of the local council has turned down the application for using the same public park in june 2010, accoring to Aftenposten (article not online).

The politicians claim that it is not proper to close off a part of the park and serve alcohol, and they also point to complaints from neighbours about noise and littering.

The arrangers are not surprised, claiming that the council is controlled by leftist politicians who have grown up and have children – forgetting that they moved to a pulsating part of the city.

There is still hope, there is an application in for using another park in Oslo.

Rainy days in Sofienbergparken

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It was quite all right, wasn’t it?

I did not spend long sessions in the festival, but I popped in for several shorter visits. Long opening hours and no entrance fee meant that visitors could come and go and there were no long lines to come in.

The range of food available seemed fine to me, from organic burgers to oriental food. More elaborate menus in some of the tents, too, though if I wanted a three course meal, I would probably go looking for a restaurant in the area.

The place

Organising an event like this outdoors in Norway is always a gamble. They had rented a municipal park in Oslo for the occation. The major music festivals here sell out most of their tickets in advance, meaning that they cover their expenses come rain or shine. A beer festival with no entrance fees does not have that option, and the weather went from so-so to pouring rain. Three large tents meant that the guests were able to stay dry, and most of the beers of the festival were to be found in these tents as well. Some of the minor outlets, located around the fringes of the festival area, probably suffered the most because of the weather. But still 13000 visitors sounds reasonable, considering the weather.


The beer range

As I’ve said before, the important Norwegian micro breweries were not present, neither were any of the new farm breweries or brewpubs. There were some very decent Danish and Swedish craft brews in one of the smaller bars, and I was pleased to see that they seemed to be very popular. I hope they didn’t have many foreign visitors coming to taste the range of Norwegian beer…


I’ll come back to a list of proposals they might consider if this event is to be repeated. As an overall conclusion, this was a welcome addition to the Oslo beer scene.

And there are always friends and acquaintances old and new to meet up with and have a chat. There are news, rumours and speculations, very useful for a beer blogger.

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OK. I’ll be fair.

(I won’t promise I’ll be fair that often. This is, after all, my soap box, and if I tried to balance everything it would make rather boring reading.

 The festival organisers have now announced that there will, after all, be some interesting micro beers. Not from Norway, but some fairly rare stuff from Sweden and Denmark.

The micro list:


  • Den udødelige Hest
  • Double Brown Ale
  • Aurum
  • Skipper Clements (on tap)
  • Lord Hans (on tap)
  • Salmecykel (on tap)


  • Narren
  • Sotern
  • Bødeln


  • Bøgedal No 162
  • Bøgedal No 155
  • Bøgedal No 152
  • Bøgedal No 170

Stevns Bryghus:

  • Elverpigens Fryd
  • Vaarbrud
  • Klintekongens Stout

Holbæk Bryghus:

  • Arnakke Humle
  • Bysø Brown
  • Maglesø Sommerbryg

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