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A bargain in Oslo

Things are getting better and better in Oslo. The following was posted on Facebook from Schouskjelleren Mikrobyggeri this morning:

It has taken some time but finally we have installed 8 new taps in our bar. So as of today we can offer a wider selection of our own beers and beers from other craft brewers. We now have 16 beers on draft including Hop Horn, Odins Tippel, Jaipur IPA,Saw tooth ale, American dream and a greater selection of Schouskjelleren beers.

And Amundsen Bryggeri og Spiseri have adjusted their price level, apparently after feedback from their guests.  Of particularly great value are their beers of the day.

Yesterday they had these two lovelies at 50 kroner a bottle. Avery IPA, too. A bargain – at least around here.

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Brew Masters on TV

Discovery Channel Norway is airing the first episode of Brew Masters tonight at 22.30. I think their schedule is the same in Sweden, I don’t know about Denmark.

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Sons of Norway

If you ever find yourself in Duluth, Minnesota, the New York Times has some advice. Not on how to find long lost relatives of Scandinavian ancestry, but I’ve been told they are easy to find in the area. No, as this is a beer blog, I would like to recommend their article on a beer route from Duluth to Ashland, Wisconsin, covering 70 miles and four micro breweries.

There is a note in the article that Minnesota breweries cannot sell growlers to go on Sundays. Their Norwegian heritage lives on. Just let’s hope the natives are not all like in Fargo.

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Good Beer NYC

It is a bit of a relief that mainstream (well, even if it was once a radical rag, a number of decades makes it estblished, don’t you think?) media use crappy photos. The substance of the story in the Village Voice is that there is a new beer bar in the East Village due to open soon.

Good Beer NYC will have 12 beers on tap, 900 in bottles. 422 East 9th Street.

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White Horse

I should go to London more often. I should have been there today.

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Just to let you know that the latest issue of All About Beer Magazine has a special supplement – Beer Traveler. Focus is on the US, but there are articles about Germany and Belgium, too. A list of 150 Perfect Places to have a beer will surely lead to discussions. Nice to see Olympen in Oslo at number 98, but I would probably have skipped the visitor’s centres of Heineken and Guinness.

Btw, the magazine itself is recommended, I don’t know of any other beer periodicals with such a consistently high quality currently available.

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DC Brews

According to the Washington Post All We Can Eat blog, there will be a number of new breweries opening up over the next year or two, offering beer in kegs, bottles and cans.

I haven’t been there for decades, but I still have fond memories of the Brickskeller, one of the pioneers among the beer bars of the world.

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