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Det Norske Brenneri is the name of a distiller set up when the laws in this field were medified a few years ago. They have had success with some of their aquavits and other schnapps, some under the name Arvesølvet.

I had a chat with Anders  from the company yesterday, as they have decided to diversify by establishing a beer range.

The beers will have names inspired by the oil industry, the first is Roughneck Pale Ale.

Bilde 005

A soft and smooth beer. Flowers, fruit. Light body, then a modest bitterness in the finish. Not extreme by any means, but a beer that should have a wide appeal. Alcohol content is just below the 4.7% treshold for being sold in supermarkets, and they have a foot in the door of Norgesgruppen. Ask your local Meny store to order it. Right now, one place to find it is the Broker in Bogstadveien, Oslo.

They do not have a brewery to start with, meaning the beer is made in a Scandinavian quality brewery with capacity to contract brew.

It they manage to get this beer on the shelves and price it right, I think it might succeed in the Norwegian market. But I think they should broaden the beer range fairly fast, having more beers means much improved visibility.

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