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There is plenty more, of course.

And if you cannot be bothered to look it up, there are a few touristic options:

  • Beer and breweries guided tour that starts in front of the Tourist information office at Marieplatz.
  • Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in a little alley close to the Schneider Weissbräu.
  • Walk around the Viktalienmarkt, while not up there with the most amazing markets in Barcelona, London or Barcelona, it has special stalls for mustard, poultry, cheese, sausages, game and what have you. They have a beer garden where the big six rotate to have their beers on. The signs say Helles, Weisse etc, so it’s more or less the same. Have a look at the organic stalls, they have a few beers that are not too common.

As for me, the next time I’m in Munich, you’ll find me on a stool at the Red Hot Bar.

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