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In the middle of the charming, pedestrianized and upmarket old town, the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus claims that there has been a brewery on the premises for centuries. Anno 1620.


But the present arrangement is set up by Joh. Albrecht, a company that installs complete micro breweries – they did the job in Regensburg in 1994. (They are all over the place, including a micro brewery on a cruise ship, using sea water. (Could I suggest a Gose?))

As I say, this is a quiet pedestrian street, but a stag party, with all the attendees in their Sunday best – chequers shirts and Lederhosen – did their best to lift the atmosphere.

If you’re not really thirsty, you can get a set of samples. Widespread elsewhere in the world, not so in Germany.

  • The Hefeweisse is true to type. Banana aroma, a hint of citrus.
  • The Dunkel Weisse is rather anonymous. Sweet malt, cereals, sugar. Mild, inoffensive. You don’t have to like beer to drink this, more like a sweet comfort drink.
  • Helles is very pale, with low carbonation. Cereal palate, dull.
  • The Dunkles is the best of the lot. Full malty, but not excessively sweet. Coffee, bread crust.

Should you go out of your way for this? Well, it is not likely that you need to go out of you way, as it is smack in the centre of town. But if you are comfortable in one of the other inns or beer gardens of Regensburg, you might as well stay there.


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