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The Thick Man is tucked up as side alley, not more than a dozen meters from the busy streets, but you need to know where to look, or you’ll miss it. Pleasantly quiet on a Saturday afternoon.

In the front there is a handful of outside tables with some vines giving green cover. And you get a nice shade on this narrow street. Cozy interior, I see from the web site that there is a garden in the back, too. There is even some quite luxurious hotel rooms. This is probably a place for all seasons, and I’ll probably try the food here if I visit again. A very tempting aspargus menu.

I start with a Schierlinger Pils. Light and soft, too discreet for its own good.

More interesting is the Weissbierbock Aloysius. It is rich, creamy and has the particular blend of banana and sourness that the best wheat bocks have. Malty, yet with a fine balance. Chocolate, yeast.

Down at the square, the music has switched to Lieder with accordion. I cannot hear the word, but the tone of voice says it is probably about love long lost. Time to move on.

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