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Very centrally located in Regensburg you find the Kneitinger brewery. A bit more than a brewpub, as they have outlets across town, but rather modest dimensions.

The brewery tap is a charming old house with a number of small rooms, including a winter garden. When I visited, during the Regensburger Bürgerfest, they has closed off the whole square in front of the brewery, set up benches, chairs and tables and even barbecued a whole ox. A rock band playing and the staff running as fast as they could to cope with the demand for beer. If there ever was a time to make sure they got a turnover in their cellar, this certainly was it.

The pils was clear gold, with a fluffy head. Crisp, by no means aggressively hopped, but a fine dryness. Oranges, limes. A really honest beer.

A beer to come back to, a Kneipe  to come back to on a more quiet day.

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