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It is only one in the afternoon, but a number of the younger guests in the Spitalgarten seem to have been here for a few hours, considering their noise level. Well, the whole town of Regensburg is in a party atmosphere. There is a fair on. With wood fired bread ovens, brass bands, barbecues and instant beer gardens. In addition to the regular ones, of course.

Regensburg is one of the really stunning medieval German cities that really deserve their place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The most impressive building is currently undergoing restoration, a stone bridge over the Danube, but there is a makeshift arrangement allowing pedestrians to cross.

The Spitalkeller has usually a lovely view over the bridge, but now you mostly see scaffolding. It doesn’t matter that much. There was heavy rain in Munich this morning, but here the sun is shining through. Sparrows and swallows among the trees – and a glass of Spital Helles in my glass.

An exquisite blend of grainy goodness and aromatic hops. Clear gold, soft carbonation. A fine showcase for the ingredients.

You pick what you want – sunny riverside tables, parasols or light filtered softly through the elm trees.

Extensive menu, approximately 45 ways to cook a pig.

Dirndl factor zero. Ill fitting uniforms for both waiters and waitresses. But a lovely spot in a lovely town. They have inexpensive rooms to let if you want to spend the night in Regensburg.

According to their web site, if you haven’t crossed the Steinerne bridge and vistied the Spitalgarten, you haven’t really been in Regensburg.

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