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So, you have done the walking tour of the Munich inner city. You have visted the Hofbräuhaus and a few beer gardens. You want to get away from the cobblestones for some hours.

By Vuxi [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Take S-train number 6 to Kreuzstrasse, the end of the line. Walk up the hill. Watch out as you cross the busy street. Have a beer or two at the Bartewirt. Return to the railway station. As this is the final stop, the train is most likely waiting at the station. Note that the trains may not be too frequent at this stretch, a timetable or a Munich transport app is handy.

The next one is the tricky one, as I never got an answer. There is, supposedly, a brewery near the Großhelfendorf station, too. The Theresienbrauerei. But I never got any answer to my enquries. Maybe you are more lucky.

That’s not any serious problem, As Aying is only two stops more along the line, another few kilometers through fields and forests. You can walk to the Ayinger Bräustübrl. Or you can have the same beers at the Kastanienhof, which is just across the street from Aying station.

Leiberheim, with its large, friendly beer garden, is fifteen minutes walks from Neubiberg station.

The Forschungsbrauerei is ten minutes from Perlach station.

Still thirsty?

Get off at Giesing and walk towards the Isar river, keeping on the right side of the hill. You’ll soon find yourself outside the Paulaner brewery with its Biergarten.

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