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It might not be up there among the most awesome of the food markets of the world, it’s nothing like Florence or Borough Market. That does not mean ther isn’t something for everyone at the Munich Viktualienmarkt. It is a pure food and flowers market, with a fine range. Aspargus and chantatels were in season when I visited, there are herbs ands spices, fresh and dries. Oils and vinegars, wines and spirits. Meat and fish, sausages and fruit. There is a special mustard stall. Some offer takeaway food, others are more for wrapping up to take home.

There is a beer garden at the centre, where the main breweries of Munich rotate on having the tap. Convenient that they don’t have to change the price list, as they all offer the same Helles, Dunkles and Weissen anyway.

There are a few organic shops, go there if you want beer a bit more out of the ordinary.

It is smack of the middle of Munich. Have a look. Have a sausage.

I bought some Austrian Speck,  pumpkin seed oil and two glasses of wild garlic pesto.

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