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Pubs at railway stations are, more often than not, not partcularly nice places to hang out. There are people waiting for delayed trains, some customers having a drink or a bite to eat before either boarding the train or finding their way home by other means. And there are people hanging around with nowhere in particular to go.

At Augsburg station, there seemed to be a few regular customers, apart from that the quite cavernous pub/restaurant/waiting room was largely empty. When I passed by earlier in the day, the outside tables were all occupied, but by now they seemed to have gone home – or perhaps found a beer garden elsewhere.

They have only one home brew, an unfiltered Zwickl .

Yet another Helles. OK, I guess I’ll give it a try.

If looks were everything, this beer would score a perfect 10. This is a place where the marketing men in their slightly too large suits should go to set up their photo shoots.

The taste, however, was more on the dull side. Malt and cereals, some aroma hops, but in low amounts. And no crispness in the finish. Time to find the train back to Munich, no need for another round.

Friendly service. And there are beers from the Meckatzer brewery, too. And of course they do food. Meat and potatoes.

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Augsburg is a pretty town, and deserves more than a few hours. For some reason they have decided to dig up most of the streets this summer. I found it tricky to find my way on the bike, I do not envy anyone who needs to navigate there with a car.

I returned my bike at the station and walked through the Old Town towards my next destination, the brewpub König von Flandern. I am definitely back on the tourist track here, with menus in various languages. A cozy place with nooks and crannies, but I headed for the terrace at the back on this balmy evening.

The first beer, the Helles, hit the spot. Fresh, aromatic hops, discreet bitter tail. More of a Pilsener, if you ask me. Cellar temperature, crisp and refreshing.

I need something to eat, and a salad would be just the thing. I order a Wurstsalad, but I did not get quite what I expected. A plate covered with sliced sausage, marinated in a vinegar dressing. Topped with sliced red onion and pickles. This would not be considered a salad anywhere else on the planet. The bread was good, though. Baked with leftovers from the brewing.

The salad

A beer with a name ending in -tor usually means a bock. These brews are often seasonal, with the poüring of the first glasses of the Maibock being a big event. The King of Flanders, however, had the bock available even in June.

The Alligator has a very dark brown color. It is soft, sweet and malty. Did I say sweet? Very sweet. Saccarine sweet. An opportunity lost.

But overall – a nice place, friendly service, just stick to the Helles if you want a beer. And if your have doubts about the menu, you could always ask. Or just have another pork knuckle.


After a while, crocodile

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