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Venturing further afield from Munich, I found myself on the train to Augsburg. Patches of fields, forests and solar power plants – the Bavarian blend of traditional and modern. Just half an hour or so from Munich, this is not a town I know much about, except some vague connections to Martin Luther in a largely forgotten lesson in the history of religion.

I did not look around for the historical walking tour, either, instead heading to the stand of rental bikes near the station. I had equipped myself with a map, and before long I was heading in the general direction of Friedberg. A very hot day, but the bike path was mainly in the shade, and when you get some speed up, there is always a breeze. Along the main road, then quiet residential streets leading to rural lanes with signs for home picked strawberries. After about an hour I see my goal: the brewery, restaurant and hotel St. Afra im Felde.

Tables under leafy chestnuts, views over wide fields, a rural idyll if there ever was one. Im Felde  means in the fields, and here you sit under the chestnut trees im the middle of rows of ripening wheat and vegetables. And I am the only tourist to be spotted.

Their house brew is an unfiltered Naturtrub Helles.  Cereals, apricots, nice bitter feel as I lick my lips. Worth an hour each way by bike in a heat wave? After 2 days in an Munich office, I needed the exercise. Additional beer offerings are from the Köbach brewery.

Cosy interior as I peek in, the small brewing plant being right inside the door.

This is the time to limit my intake to one beer, as I need to make the same journey back again. slightly faster going back. I don’t need to read the map, and the afternoon slides into a slightly cooler evening.

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