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For some reason, some (that means two) of the big breweries in Munich have their own microbreweries. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that they churn out excactly the same beer types as the mother company and the rest. Helles, Zwick, Dunkel.

It was not the most inspired visit of my trip, but I headed to the Hacker-Pschorr brewpub. As it is just off the Oktoberfest site and within walking distance of my lodgings, I thought I’d have a look.

The Teresienwiese is just like you’d expect when you have millions of people congregating for a few weeks on what used to be a lawn or a meadow. It is a very flat desert with some strips of asphalt and concrete. Great for flying model airplanes or practicing your skills on your roller skates. The stairs towards the statue of the mythological Bavaria is filled with youngsters hanging out.

Musch of the beer garden is roped off, but there is room on the shared tables. Rather gigh tourist factor, and when I look isndie, I see tables set for hundres of people, the bread rolls are already laid out. A place for busing in large crowds of tourists, then.

Cheap Dirndl imitations.

The beers? The Zwickl had grainy goodness and a little bitterness, I’d wish for more of the latter. The Dunkel Weisse was hazy brown with a huge creamy head. Bittersweet, a pleasant bitter bite. Roasted bread, soft wheat mouth feel, citrus. Very decent.

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