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Smack in the middle of Munich, a sones throw from the Glockenspiel, the Cathedral and all that, Schneider Weisse have set up a pub. Their brewery is not in Munich, but one cannot really blame them for wanting a part of the trade.

They are a very well respected brewery, particularly their Eisbock varieties have an international following. They are trying to think out of the box, cooperating with Brookly Brewery, trying out single malt wheat beers and so on.

The tables in front of the house hardly count as a beer garden, but that’s the way it is. And they are hardly to blame for somone, probably the city authorities, digging up the street right in front of them. A few frightened bushes keep the cars away from the drinkers and diners.

The posters surrounding their outdoor tables recommend trying their Sommerweisse.

You realise this comes in a big bottle ? the waitress asks.

It’s fine by me.

It comes in an ice bucket, and is served in a wine glass. Hoppy, refreshing. Your standard Bavarian Hefeweissen is a meal in itself, this has a lighter touch. Apple cider, a hint of sourness

It was not in the printed menu, though, and the ice bucket comes at a hefty price, as I discover when I ask for the bill.

Should you have this one instead of lunch?

Why not enjoy the exclusivity of this beer and then find a bakery shop that sells Brezl with cream cheese and chives for an Euro or two you’re on a tight budget? No need to seek out the American burger emporiums across the street when you’re in Germany.

No Dirndl, no Lederhosen. Maybe inside, I did not look around.


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