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The Brauerei Gasthof Lohof has possibly been a brewery, once upon a time. Now it is one of a number of inns and restaurants run by the the Schlossbrauerei Haimhausen,  of which I have no objection. The brewery is not far away, so it is a very local setup. Von die Heimat for die Heimat  – From the community  for the community  is their slogan.

It was almost 30 degrees in the sahde, so I did not venture inside, but found a seat in the beer garden. A half liter of Helles slides down without any edges, just the thing while looking through the menu.

Heavily slanted towards everything porky, but there are some daily specials that are more sophisticated. I go for the Münchner Schnitzel, the local twist is mustard mixed int the coating. Very nice, but the dark Kellerbier I had along with it was a bit too much on the sweet side for my liking, reminding me of a Russian kvass.

Very quiet, family friendly.

Don’t go here for amazing beers made with fruit and berries you never heard of. Not for beer aged in champagne barrels and refermented with yeast strains from ancient Egypt. Go for the real thing.

No dirndls, though.

Three stops  on the S8 train from the airport among green fields and rural calm. If you go in the other direction, it is 25 minutes from downtown Munich. The adress is  Südliche Ingolstädter Straße 1, 485716 Unterschleißheim, Deutschland. Try that one after a few beers!

And if you need a room for the night close to the airport, this is a splendid alternative to sterile chain hotels.

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