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I have visited the brewpub at Munich airport before,  I am quite surprised that this idea isn’t more widespread in Europe. Generally the global alcohol companies are in total control at airports, the worst examples being in Scandinavia, where Carlsberg rules with an iron fist. (Though someone has sneaked in a few bottles of Nøgne Ø in the Norwegian Duty Free shops, bless them!)

The menu is extensive, starting at the Hang Man’s Lunch, comprising a glass of water, a bread roll and a cigarette and ending at the Überschall  or Supersonic, consisting of roast pork, knuckle of pork and one piece of duck, served together with fresh dumplings and side dishes. The Supersonic policy  is, according to the management, to eat as much as you can (excl. the duck), including one liter of our famous home brewed beer served in a siphon.

 Well then. I was not particularly attracted to any of the above. But I wanted a beer. I was puzzled when I saw the beer glasses in the beer garden, with logos from Erdinger and other big Bavarian breweries. A sign explained that the brewery was closed for renovation – their own brews will be back on from June 24.

I’ll have to allow enogh time when I leave Munich, then. Good thing I had a plan B. The commuter train is just a few steps away.

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